The Certificate of Incorporation (not-for-profit) of the Colorado corporation named “The Denver Posse of Westerners, Inc.” and the organization’s By-laws, describe its objectives and purposes as follow:

“…to investigate, discuss, and publish the facts and color relative to the historic, social, political, economic, and religious background of the West; to wherever possible, preserve a record of the cultural background and evolution of the Western region; and to promote all corollary activities thereof.”

Our members learn about and get inspiration from our members’ monthly talks. Presentations range from the West’s settlement to mid-20th century stories of Colorado and the region.

The Denver Posse of Westerners, Inc. publishes The Roundup, a bi-monthly magazine, presenting papers selected from among those delivered at the monthly meetings, along with book reviews and other items of interest to members. In some years, a Limited Edition “Brand Book” of Western history articles is published.